It’s a dark and cloudy afternoon as I begin to write my endeavors in print. My dear mother had proposed that I start a blog if I had any intentions in joining the publishing world as it would be a great bonus to my resume when I apply for a job.

The problem now arises as to what to blog about. I have put into consideration about my everyday life which I can comment as barren as the sky on a hot summer day with the occasional airplanes, jets and even storms passing by, and that my modesty proceeds me to ever write such a thing; in short, my life is not interesting at all.

When it comes to interests or hobbies I have dabbled on so many things; ranging from music to sports to science and then literature, that I have not put the time and effort to dedicate myself in any hobby, but surely, with the considerable time (or not) I spent on each, I must have sought out a goal when I approached the matter. Well, yes, of course. If I were to put it into words, my goal would be to seek knowledge out of all those activities. Just like a food critic, tasting each and every dish he comes across in his travels, I similarly immerse myself in each activity out of interest and curiosity. However, in our singular world, we are expected to live singular lives. Many might disagree with me, but I know some would.

Having the privilege to experience and learn so many things is a blessing in my childhood, but now that I am already in my third year in college, well, it has not come quite as good as one may think.

Though I may know many things, I lack the status of mastery, and in turn, my self-confidence is not so great. I am not degrading myself nor do I consider myself modest, and I quote, “you may take it that I am speaking the exact and literal truth.

Oh how many times I would envy my friends and classmates who have found their “true calling”, their singular path. In comparison to their rose-colored lives, mine would be gray; diverse but indefinite. But what come may, I am still distressed as days pass on by without anything to preoccupy my mind other than that one singular problem.

I now turn to the art of written literature; if I would ever find myself to fit into that singular world of words, I have done a great deal of my time not wasting it, I truly hope so.